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Imperial Lofts – Beltline

The location is edgy and high energy, just what you might expect, in the shadows of the Keynote condominiums, across the street from the Sunterra Market and a block East of the Mustard Seed.  The Imperial Lofts are one of the original historically significant warehouses which were later converted to residential condominiums.

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Lougheed House Calgary Historical Landmarks in Calgary

The Lougheed House has become one of Calgary’s most well known and beautiful homes from our past.  I have a bit of personal experience with the Lougheed House because when I was just eight years old, my pal Danny O’Keefe brought me there after school. Danny was a small boy, and had is hair cut Mohican  style, so he was quite an interesting picture.  His Dad was the maintenance man there, and the position provided for a tiny suite in the lower quarters on the south side.  I still remember the amazement that one of my friends would be living in this awesome home.

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