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I will be your partner throughout your home search, providing my expertise and deep knowledge of the Calgary real estate condo market to help you find a home you love.

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I am delighted that you are considering me to help you with your next home purchase. As a full-service real estate agent with over a decade of experience, I offer you the peace of mind of being able to negotiate the best price and terms for you on this important transaction.

Whether you are buying your first home or your last, you will want to be represented by someone who knows how to maneuver you through the complex home buying process. You’ll want someone who can advocate on your behalf and negotiate your offer without the need to compromise the transaction for personal gain.
It is important to find a real estate agent who knows the ropes and is able to react swiftly and effectively to just about any challenge that presents itself.

Selecting the proper agent can make a world of difference. You will want “clean paper” and good advice so that your offer is presented it the best light. Hastily prepared documents riddled with errors and omissions can leave a bad taste in the mind of a seller or their designated representative, which may have a negative impact on the negotiations.

Sloppily prepared purchase documents can also have disastrous effects for the buyer at time of closing. For example I recently I received an offer for a condominium without any mention of the titled parking stall. Can you imagine the potentially disastrous outcome that might have on the buyer?

It is incredibly important to know that you are being represented by someone who knows far more about the real estate market than you do. If you are pre-qualified for a mortgage, don’t allow yourself to be passed down to a lesser qualified agent simply because they are next on the list.

When hiring an agent, it is important to give them your qualifying information along a brief outline of what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

It is also important to note that effective as at February 4, 2014, members of the public who have not entered into a written service agreement with their agent cannot automatically assume that they are clients of the brokerage. They are not therefore automatically entitled to receive opinions, advice or fiduciary benefit from the relationship until such time as a Representation Agreement is entered into.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta recommends that this representation be established at the earliest opportunity and certainly before any offer is presented. One should not feel that failure to disclose this obligation in a timely manner, by an agent would be in your best interest. The purpose of an Exclusive Representation Agreement is to ensure that you understand your rights and that no conflict of interest might exist. Representation Agreements are now a requirement under Alberta Law, and agent audits are conducted by the Real Estate Council of Alberta to determine that these agreements are on file, and when the relationship was established.

If you have an immediate need to purchase a new home or condo, have been pre-qualified for your mortgage and would like to get together to discuss how this might best be accomplished, I would love to hear from you to discuss the best course of action. Please feel free to contact me using the form below or just pick up the phone and call me. I would like your next purchase to be as effortless and rewarding as possible for you.

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I will be your partner throughout your home search, providing my expertise and deep knowledge of the Calgary real estate condo market to help you find a home you love.